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Mournful Sword is a 2D Action Platformer in the vein of Shinobi and Strider. Armed with nothing but a sword, the player must lock enemies into combos to effectively kill them, and deftly navigate with well timed jumps and wallruns to survive. Mournful Sword is a supremely difficult game with infrequent checkpoints that rewards careful play.

I created Mournful Sword with the goal of putting the player through trials that would push them to the limit of their endurance and combat mastery, but in doing so give them a remarkable experience. Rather than be difficult for the sake of difficulty, I want to tell a story of hopelessness and perseverance, of violence and loss.

Mournful Sword contains five worlds, each with many different enemies to conquer. Gameplay involves learning enemy patterns, and devising the best way to move through complex sections without losing your health. By attacking enemies you can lock them into combos and kill them with a single flurry of blows, but in doing so also open yourself up to damage. Wallrunning and skillful movement can help you attack enemies on the ground or in the air.


Platform: PC

Distribution: Steam, itch.io

Release Date: October 22 2019

Contact: MournfulSword at Gmail dot com

Twitter: @duncankeller


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