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The air is stale and the water is tepid. The darkness in that place hides under the surface, clinging to the last remnants of power it used to hold.

Mournful Sword is a simple but demanding game with platforming and combat. All you have is your sword, and it's up to you to learn how to use it, and use it well.

Use careful maneuvering and precise timing to make every cut count. Health is scarce and enemies are plentiful. Learn from your mistakes and work to limit them.

Lock enemies into combos on the ground or in the air. During combos you can swing your sword as fast as you can press the attack button.

Each enemy requires a unique approach. Observe how each enemy works, and move into encounters with a deliberate plan of attack. Thoughtfulness is as important as reflexes.

There’s a foul wind moving through the trees. Something dark is stirring beyond the forest. But in spite of every warning, she never turned back towards home.



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